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Bee Pens and Pencils

5949A_popapoint.gif (8777 bytes) Pop-a-Point Pencils

This pencil has a ready supply of fresh sharp points.  When the point dulls,just pull it out and push it into the back of the pencil and a new point appears.  Each one has a cap, a pocket clip and an eraser.  Each pencil is also loaded with bees buzzing all the way around.

Order #5549A -- $79 each

Bees #2 Wood Pencils

Nice wooden #2 pencils with erasers and lots of bees.

Order 05371 -- 59 ea.  Order 12 or more and they are just 40

Tub O' Pencils --Bees #2 Wood Pencils

We've got a great new deal for schools, teachers and bee lovers!  Our very popular Bees pencils are now offered in a tub with 144 of these great pencils.  This is the same bee design as above.

You'll get 144 pencils and a pencil holder for just $49.95!  That is just 35 each!

Order 05371T - $49.95

translucent_pen_WEB.jpg (15913 bytes) Translucent Yellow Bee Click Pens

Great retractable pens.  Nice writing, smooth ink flow.   They are translucent yellow and have lots of our Beehive Bees flying all over them.

Order TPN888T - $1.29 ea or get 12 or more for just $1.08 each